anybody know of nice place to go for about 20-30 pple for high tea on a weekday?

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE gimme some suggestions!!

31 July 2007 @ 16:03:54 hrs

my corridor..

or as indicated in the floor plan.. access balcony..

8 units on each floor, 4 units on each side, 2 units facing the park, 2 facing the non park.. duh.

those on the left with the gazillion bicycles are those units facing the park. The one with the gate open, is our neighbour, their renovation is almost done. Greg went to take a peek the last time we were there, the contractors were doing minor touch-ups, sofa, LCD tv, bed.. all in already.

i guess, we're going to be the last on the floor on this side to move in! hiakz. Save the best for last! YEEHAA!

30 July 2007 @ 22:53:08 hrs

TO semi conclusion

Called my TO today. He said my common toilet confirm no more tiles, have to hack. He will be meeting with the contractor tml, hopefully will be able to get samples of the tiles by the end of the week.

MBR toilet, he's still trying to source for the same tiles, cause apparently the MBR toilets were replaced a couple of years ago (they are not the original tiles that were put in when the block was first build, I dunno why they were changed in the first place though)

The electrician and the aluminium guys will be able to start work this week. TO said he will replace all my electrical switches and sockets cause the current ones are old models and have rusty screws, so yay! We get new switches and sockets!

He went 1 step further and said he will change our magnetic door stopper, cause I brought it up to him that the magnetic field wasn't strong enough. At that point in time, he said the stopper can hold the door can already la. So I was surprised when he said he will change it today.

And new doorknobs too, the current ones are stained.

Hopefully the contractor has tiles that we like, if not.. *bang wall* cos after going through each tile to check for chips and scratches.. and we still get back ugly tiles.. tsk tsk..

I asked him if the contractor has plain all white tiles, he said should have, cause they are very common, then he pointed out to me that plain all white tiles look very plain, like very old, retro like that, cause last time our grandparents generation, the coffeeshops, toilet tiles all is white plain ones. He was saying if the tiles are bigger in size, maybe will look nicer, but he's not sure what exactly is the size the the contractor will provide. So we'll just have to see the samples to decide. *fingers crossed*

30 July 2007 @ 22:41:13 hrs



30 July 2007 @ 14:04:28 hrs

went Ikea ..

Alexander on saturday.. bought a couple of cushions.. the green and yellow ones were going for $2.50, the other colors were going for $3.50. like weird right? Anyway, there were only red and blue left.

went to see the curtain panels.. not bad.. got 2 designs were on sale. but we din get any.

so today, we went Ikea Tampines. They had the same green and yellow cushions going for $2.50, but they had more other colors than the other one.

and the panel curtains.. we got them @ $9! original price was $19! GOOD DEAL SIA! tampinese didn't have the same design as those at the original store though.. Moral of the story.. East and West people have different tastes! lol

29 July 2007 @ 22:55:47 hrs

Bios infinity long beep

i woke up .. on my comp this morning..

*beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep*

for the longest time.. crap. com crashed.

googled for motherboard long beep.. told me either memory failure or system board crap..

took out first ram.. started comp..

*beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* *beeeeeep*

replaced 2nd ram with 1st ram..

it WORKS!! YAY!!

crap.. now i'm down to 512ram.. urgh.

29 July 2007 @ 12:48:47 hrs

Did you know?

The man behind "Ctrl + Alt + Del" is David Bradley. He took 1 minutes and 23 seconds to write this piece of miracle code!

see more here

29 July 2007 @ 11:54:05 hrs

Hellgate: London

so this is the next game we're going to buy..

Hellgate: London

27 July 2007 @ 17:54:45 hrs

and the person..

in order to cover her ass.. she made this for me..

26 July 2007 @ 15:27:52 hrs

someone has an admirer in the office..

the person got nothing to do.. so he did this in skype..

no prizes for guessing who it is... lol

25 July 2007 @ 16:46:31 hrs


so.. TO's conclusion.. he will propose to hack the toilet tiles, see his upstairs approve or not. BUT we have to use the tiles that are provided by the HDB contractor, cannot use our own tiles. so fingers crossed they have respectable tiles.. hate those patterned ones.. argh. best if they got all white tiles.. then best already.

so the TO's not young one la! he's been working there for like 20 years already.. i think smelly smelly also got 40 years old already.. tsk tsk.

25 July 2007 @ 09:26:12 hrs


the HDB guy going to see the unit for defects.. i'm going to try to convince him to change the tiles.. wish me luck!

24 July 2007 @ 13:27:19 hrs

Checking for Defects

Went down yesterday to take final defect list and submit it.

Decided to meet at bishan mrt @ 7am, so we could reach woodlands by 8, finish the list and catch Town Council before they closed. tsk..

Did you know you can submit the defect list online? We went to the Town Council, and the receptionist told us we could actually submit it online, but since we were already there, she gave us a Q number anyway. No one told us can submit online lor! Make us wake up so early.. tsk tsk.

We were hoping to find cracked/chipped/scratched tiles in both toilets so HDB will have to hack the tiles out to replace them with new ones, (cause our unit was built 6 years ago, the tiles they used, probably no more stick liao, so according to my sources, HDB will absorb the hacking and removal of debris costs, we just have to pay for the new tiles that we picked).

But we didn't manage to find any cracked or chipped tiles in the MBR toilet.. DAMNED! but there were lotsa uneven ones.. Wonder if they will retile the uneven tiles.. There were a couple of small chipped off the toilet tiles, and a few scratches and small cracks in the common toilet, don't know it they will hack the toilet tiles. Hope they hack both toilets. *fingers crossed*

Had to buy a lock for the place, so the contractors and HDB pple can go and check the defects and stuf.. din know locks were so expensive! $10+ to $200+?? Like so expensive lock? Got special powers to repel burglars ar? lol

1 contractor came to take measurements for quotation today. Apparently my ceiling is quite low, so might have some problem with the original L-box height or something like that, they were speaking in hokkien, so I only understood a bit. lol

After submitting the list, we went back to our house with the contractor, then we discovered the common toilet was leaking water! (Cause the previous time we were at the house, we switched off the main water supply so din notice it was leaking.) But we'd already submitting the list, I just put a masking tape on the toilet to indicate that its leaking. Hope they are able to rectify it.

22 July 2007 @ 10:03:33 hrs


colleague is demo-ing the different type of dance (R&B, Rap, Breakdance, rain dance, weird leg dance etc) and blasting dance music on her speakers..

19 July 2007 @ 13:55:04 hrs

ok.. ache time.

but not as back and not as many places as i predicted .. so.. not too bad.

19 July 2007 @ 09:50:50 hrs

Udderly Smooth

Udderly Smooth - developed for use on dairy cows. Udderly Smooth moisturisers, smooths roughness and softens skin

kellin bought it for $2 today @ watsons.. *whisper* she thinks she's a cow

she tried it.. and she said smells like pet shop.. she cannot take it.. go n wash hand liao.

18 July 2007 @ 16:20:26 hrs


so gymming yesterday with law was a tiring affair.

we reached the gym @ 8pm, changed and hopped on the treadmill for 20-25mins.. then we went to play with the machines for 30mins.. apparently we looked kinda lost according to the gym instructor that was walking around, so he offered to help us out. a total body workout he sez. he started with shoulder press, 3 sets of 10 he sez, finish already come n find me.

so, i did zero plates.. like tired la! that law keep asking me zero plates got weight meh? got effect meh? GOT LA! tsk tsk.

3 sets later, he came back, and asked if we were working, then he said tomorrow make sure you are not able to work. *fainted*

then we proceeded to do quad lifts, chess press, the back of the thigh thingy and finally the biceps thingy.

after we were done, its like JELLY ALL OVER LA! even rubbing my hands together with soap also no strength.. im so gonna ache tml..

18 July 2007 @ 09:45:31 hrs

my floorplan

17 July 2007 @ 10:19:03 hrs

collect keys today!!

so like.. we went to HDB hub early this morning to sign a gazillion documents, wipe out our entire cpf and collect 21 keys! tsk tsk...

our Queue number and the 21 keys!
like alot hor?
when the hdb officer showed us the key pouch.. i almost fainted.. lol
so then we proceed to open our house door for the first time!! and some pictures that i took..

pinkish beigey tiles.. that i think we're going to keep.. the door you see, leads to the service yard..
view of the house when standing right at the corner of the living room
starting from the left, the green thing is the balcony door, 1st bedroom door, 2nd bedroom door, at the end of the corridor is the master bedroom, then the common toilet, then the huge wall in the center of the pix, is the study room wall, the pinksh room is the kitchen, followed by the wooden main door, and the white wall on the right of the pix is the bomb shelter.
common toilet
master toilet
both got the same tiles.. and the same greenish greyish toilet bowl and sink.. urgh.. dunno if got enough $$ to change them.
and the bedroom..
tsk.. ok.. maybe the photos not very well taken.. but AIYA! there's nothing in the house wat! take wat? tsk tsk.

16 July 2007 @ 22:57:27 hrs

Die Hard 4.0
reviewed by gin

caught Die Hard on saturday.. SHIOK! alot of action.. and Bruce Willis is DAMN COOL LA!

like DAMN COOL LA! oozing with charisma and charm.. and OH SO DROOLWORTHY.. *happy sigh*

16 July 2007 @ 22:33:53 hrs

its sunday..

EAHAHHAAHHAHA! sunday! tsk.

yea.. nothing to say. like that. k chaoz.

15 July 2007 @ 15:35:36 hrs

me = good girl

i've been a very good girl today. since we came back from lunch.. i've been working working working non stop! now my eyes are blurred.. i'm so not going to on my computer tonight. argh.

13 July 2007 @ 17:13:28 hrs

ice cream man

we went to chase the ice cream man just now.. he camp @ the top of the hill la!

and all the pple that flocked to him from the offices nearby.. all females!!

n most off his flavors sold out liao!!

12 July 2007 @ 16:47:43 hrs


today is the longest day ever!

time crawls la! its only 4.23pm!! *roar*

12 July 2007 @ 16:24:17 hrs

Order of the Phoenix
reviewed by gin

caught this last night.. OKAY only. the trailer basically showed all the exciting bits. tsk.

funny thing was.. they showed the trailer just before the movie started, then when the movie started.. the first screen was a computer lab.. like huh? since when hogwarts had computers.. tsk.. its turned out.. the projectionist screened Die Hard instead.. lol. half the cinema walked out before they realised the mistake.. tsk tsk.

the movie felt like it was fast forwarded or chunks of the books were missing.. or maybe i mixed them up with the next book.. lol

anyway.. greg sez this is the most boring of the 5.

12 July 2007 @ 10:40:38 hrs

some pple.. tsk tsk

last evening.. in the office.. going back time.. i got up from my seat and made my way towards the toilet. Halfway there, someone came shuffling up from behind me, ran passed me, and into the toilet. -.-'

then after she was done, i went to the toilet.. and when i came back from the toilet..

12 July 2007 @ 10:34:13 hrs

optimash prime

courtesy of law.. Optimash Prime

11 July 2007 @ 14:11:17 hrs

butt pain..

must be the cycling yesterday.. i hate bike seats.. arghz.

oh yes.. please see mj's blog today.. got pix of the ndp rehearsal.. funny part is the simulated cabinet ministers.. damn funny.. first guy dresses in all white, holds a sign that sez 1st cab minister.. he smiles and waves to the crowd.. proceed to stand @ his seat.. couple of minutes later, another guy, dressed in all white, held another sign that said last cab minister.. he too waves and smiles to the crowd! lol

11 July 2007 @ 09:50:29 hrs

Rules rules rules

microsoft outlook has rules ya?

the colleagues have been playing with rules.. after almost 1 year of operations.. now then they start to use rules.. lol

spent 20-30mins figuring out how come the rules will create duplicate copies in different folder.. conclusion?

must 'stop processing more rules'!

like duh.


10 July 2007 @ 10:00:09 hrs

got some guests in the office..

talk as loud as certain pple in the office.. with the indian accent.. damn fast..

i cannot think. I CANNOT THINK!

09 July 2007 @ 15:00:34 hrs

this weekend...

the only sounds heard in the house were sounds of mahjong tiles, the yelling of Venus Williams and the thud thud of the tennis balls.

08 July 2007 @ 22:39:15 hrs


last match of the season.. Draw 1-1.. Blue Steels is draw king. tsk. not too bad.. 4th in the table..

a lot of high balls this match.. opponents had 2 super tall guys.. tsk tsk.


08 July 2007 @ 22:36:01 hrs

its wear green day this weekend..

Earth Day. Wear green. Just do it.

07 July 2007 @ 23:30:47 hrs

Did you know?

About Household Shelters

    In peacetime, only fixtures that can be easily dismantled and removed are allowed in the HS. As a guide, all temporary fixtures/shelves and objects which the owner has placed or affixed in the HS shall be removable within 48 hours upon notice being issued by the SCDF.

Procedures for Shelter Occupation

    When the need arises (eg. before the onset of a war emergency), the SCDF would increase the public education programmes to prepare the population on precautionary and protective measures. Residents will be advised to prepare the HS for occupation and adopt the appropriate procedures for shelter occupation.

    Upon the sounding of the "Alarm" signal from the Public Warning System (PWS)., the occupants are to move into the HS. During their stay in the HS, they are advised to tune in their TV or radio for important messages issued by the authorities.

    Once the "All Clear" signal is sounded, the occupants can leave the HS and resume their daily routine.

SCDF - Household Shelters
Reno Guidelines for Household Shelters
Renovation Guidebooks

06 July 2007 @ 10:20:07 hrs

another random post

the usually neat area (before work starts that is) was in a mess this morning! like someone ransacked the place.

saw this @ a shopping center with greg on wednesday..

kool huh! tsk.

06 July 2007 @ 09:23:34 hrs

random post

she received 4 packages in the mail yesterday.. like small kid on christmas day like that.. tsk tsk

WHO EATS THESE!!! like eewww.. duck tongue.. eeww.. its 5cm long..
and there's goose liver or kidney in the fridge.. eeww..

04 July 2007 @ 14:03:12 hrs

yishun gym

went to yishun gym yest with law.. cos the gym got tv..

so.. we reached there about 8+.. THE GYM WAS CROWDED LA! like packed! and got Q for almost every machine..

so we sat down at the sports hall, hoping to pick up some badminton tips from the lesson that was being held there..

did you know Chua Chu Kang Sports Hall has 6 badminton courts? Bukit Gombak also has more than 2! maybe next time we book there better.. tsk.

so we sat there until 8.50pm, and the freaking gym was still as crowded as before! Don't those pple leave?! sheesh.

we decided to wait another 10mins to see pple actually leave the place.. and guess what, we only saw 2 guys leaving! like wtf!

law actually wanted to go in.. but i didn't want to pay $2.50 and spend half the time waiting for the machines.. so I won in the end. we walked back to AMK central as exercise .. took us 1hr and a few mins. not bad i'd say.. the train takes about 10mins .. AHHAHAHAHAH!

i asked the person @ the gym counter, she said usually not so many pple one, usually by 9pm, will be quite emtpy already, dunno how come today so many people.

win already.. its a freak tuesday. hiakz.

04 July 2007 @ 09:28:50 hrs


person A says (15:59): or drink coffee
gin says (16:01): *grumble
person A says (16:04): drink coffee is good
person A says (16:04): usually within an hour can go liao
person A says (16:04): jahaha
person A says (16:04): coffee is natural laxative
person A says (16:04): ;)
gin says (16:04): dun wan
gin says (16:05): drink coffee pee got coffee smell
person A says (16:05): den drink tea la
person A says (16:05): wah lao where got
person A says (16:05): u drink coffee powder issit
gin says (16:05): GOT!
gin says (16:05): no leh
gin says (16:05): i dirnk starbucks also got
gin says (16:05): tsk tsk
person A says (16:05): u pee is brown issit
person A says (16:05): hahaha
gin says (16:05): brown ur head la
person A says (16:05): u drink coke la, pee coke
person A says (16:05): or drink orange juice pee orange
gin says (16:05): -.-
gin says (16:05): Arbish
person A says (16:06): then pineapple, grape, cranbarry, blue hawaii
person A says (16:06): woah all the colors of the rainbow
gin says (16:06): haveu ever wondered
gin says (16:06): what happens to the color of the drinks u drink? how come the pee is not that color one?
person A says (16:06): considering u drink a LOT of colors
person A says (16:07): u primary school never mix water color before meh
person A says (16:07): all become brown lor!
person A says (16:07): lol
gin says (16:07): but pee is not brown wat
gin says (16:07): its at most dark yellow..
person A says (16:07): welll
person A says (16:07): u only absorb water and dissolved minerals
person A says (16:08): the rest comes out of ur anus
gin says (16:08): in that case, if u keep eating blue stuff, will ur shit be blue?
person A says (16:08): if u eat blue stuff for 2 days
person A says (16:08): maybe lor
person A says (16:08): but if it decomposes inside it might become brownish first
person A says (16:09): unless the food coloring is dissolved and broken down by ur digestive acids
gin says (16:10): hmm.. then vegetarians must shit green then
gin says (16:10): all the chlorophyll cannot break down
gin says (16:10): i think
person A says (16:11): yah but neither can the fibre
person A says (16:11): and after the digestive process
person A says (16:11): shd be brownish
person A says (16:11): but sometimes u can get greenish shit

03 July 2007 @ 16:16:47 hrs

iPhone launched today..

like expensive la! USD 999.95 lor! crazy.

02 July 2007 @ 21:51:35 hrs

did you know?

ok. after seeing the post on lindy's blog.. this one

qns: Which is the rooster's egg?
ans: roosters dun lay egg. but roosters share the egg with the hen wat.
col A: hen dun need roosters to lay eggs wat!!


google searched.. 'how hens lay egg' are roosters needed for hens to lay eggs?

    rooster is not needed for a hen to lay an egg! Roosters are only needed in order for the egg to be FERTILIZED (to have a baby). Hens lay eggs with or without a rooster around.
how do roosters and hens mate?
    ... selects the female (usually the closest one to himself) droops one wing to the ground, circles her then grabs her by the back of the head and climbs on her back. Balancing himself by flapping his wings, he lowers his tail and places his vent in direct contact with that of the hen, where the passage of sperm from his cloaca to her oviduct takes place. The entire sex act takes less than 15 seconds ...

there you go. a hen lays eggs no matter what.. and additional info.. hens always lay eggs in the morning! and they only lay 1 egg a day, and each day, the eggs pop out later than the previous day!

brown eggs are no more healthier than white ones.. color differences are mainly dependent on the breed of the hens.

about those blood spots found in eggs..

    Blood spots occur when blood or a bit of tissue is released along with a yolk. Occasionally a blood vessel can break during yolk formation, so that a little bit of blood is wrapped up in the albumen. As an egg ages, the blood spots become paler ≠ a bright red spot is an indication of freshness. Blood spots occur in less than one percent of all eggs laid, and may appear in a pulletís first eggs, but are more likely to occur in aging hens.

    Meat spots are less common than blood spots, and occur when a piece of reproductive tissue gets caught in the egg. Meat spots may be tan, brown, gray, or white. Eggs containing meat spots are perfectly edible.

    If a chick is developing in the egg, you will see a network of blood vessels, not just a spot ≠ this is the beginning of the chickís circulatory system. In order for the egg to get to this stage of development it has to be incubated for several days.

another informative read brought to you by the good people at

other sources:
Reproduction of chooks
Chicken FAQ
yahoo! answers
Laying an Egg
The Poultry Guidy
from egg to chick

02 July 2007 @ 15:21:59 hrs

NDP 07 2nd Combined Rehearsal

da bro managed to get us some tix to the 2nd combined rehearsal for this year's ndp, all thanks to jm! thanks dude.

i think.. the best part that i like about the ndp.. is the military display and the parade form up and the entire military thingy la! i dun really fancy the mass display leh. cannot tell what they are trying to do.. and usually, whatever the commentator sez, explaining on the theme of the display, i just go 'izzit? cannot see leh.. ', 'cant tell', etc.

have u guys heard this year's ndp theme song? like not very catchy like that.. at least i din like it immediately when i heard it at the floating stage yesterday.. oh, apparently, this year got 2! download them here

and because its just the 2nd combined rehearsal.. couple of funny cockups and cockster 'simulated' events, provided comic relief. lol i think mj's site will post more of the parade's pix over the next few days.. check it out here. i lazy to take the photos from him to post here.. heh. and i shall not disclose the highlights of the ndp. watch it live on ch 5 on 9 August 2007. ;)


01 July 2007 @ 22:09:01 hrs

reviewed by gin

did you know, straits times gave it a 2? like huh?!

this movie was SHIOK la! though i'm not a fan of Transformers.. only watched a couple of the cartoons last time when i was young.. but still.. this show is SHIOK la!

lotsa action, sound effects damn shiok, animation shiok, the transforming sequence is damn cool la!

ok. so REAL fans might feel the movie is a bit fake.. cos apparently some of the bots are not what they are in the cartoons.. but AIYA! still nice la!

01 July 2007 @ 22:02:40 hrs

today is GST up day..

7% already lor.

01 July 2007 @ 21:51:38 hrs

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