Getting paid well for what you love to do is, in itself a skill.

Getting paid well for what you love to do is, in itself a skill.

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Getting paid well for what you love to do is, in itself a skill. If you’re one of those living your dream and getting paid highly for it then congrats on making it in life :D That’s one of life’s major challenges isn’t it.

When we were young, we were encouraged to pick stereotype careers and dreams; like I wanna be a fireman! doctor! pilot! I picked excavator operator, can you believe it…lol. Then we reached secondary school and got streamlined into ‘relevant’ subjects that would benefit our stereotype career choices. Then poly comes and we struggle to reach that dream, really getting down and dirty with our dream careers.

Eventually, reality hits and we learn where all the money flows to in the real world. Which industry pay the most, which career pays the most, and all the real costs of living in this country. Then we realize, not pursing our dreams might actually be better for achieving our financial goals. Depends of course on what your dreams are in the first place though. For my case, an excavator operator, doesn’t pay my car and house bills lol.

It’s one of those things I wished I’d knew 10 years earlier. Money makes the world go round, no matter what you say. I wished I knew where all the money was in the working world when I was deciding on my stereotype career.

So a big part of my life now (quarter life crisis for some) is figuring out how to match doing what I love to do with where the money is. Be it providing a service on your own or working for someone, you got to make sure either one brings in the money, and lots of it!

There’s always a way to match your passion with money. All about matching the dots. Lets say you love collecting coins. But just collecting it doesn’t do any good, unless you expand it into a business, buying and selling, opening a gallery of old coins, setting up space for coin collectors to display their collections, organize shows, educate people about coins, go into recycling, anything to monetize your passion is a good thing.

This in itself is a skill, thinking about what you have, what you can do, and what you need to learn or who to work with to monetize your passion.

Life is too short being stuck in a job or situation you hate just for the money. For me it’s a compromise between passion and money. I’ll go for higher income with less room to do the things I love, vs more freedom to do the things I love with lower income. But never, never something that i hate to do just for the money. That’s just me though. Because I don’t want to do be a starving artist nor do I want to lead a boring life full of dread.

This is a good read on the top 5 things people regret on their deathbed. The 2nd one is working too hard. So people, balance! Don’t just chase money and forget about the important things.


  1. woah! MJ! one year before,you were so goal oriented. now u have changed! haha. But its for the better i guess.
    I agree with you, i wish i was educated on the importance of money, and where all the money were.
    I am a starving artist.

  2. @bee – in the end, money still wins everything haha

  3. yessssssh~ i wish i wasn’t so naive back then. Money isn’t everything, but money makes up alot of things. lol

  4. i believe every human being are given 5 years (20-25) grace to pursue their dream and make a living out of it. But I too wished that I knew money could be such a huge factor in life including pursuing dream itself! We could be doing something that we don’t enjoy as much but earning way more and slowly progress to our dreams. I wish I could tell myself that 10 years ago.

  5. @ban – thats true, if we never got to try in our 20s how would we know what would have happened then? necessary experience i suppose.

  6. believe it or not… some people around me still doesn’t realize that and take their blessings for granted. Complain about tiniest little things in life all the time. Spoiled to the brim. lol

  7. Get them to read “the success principles” by jack canfield. then they’ll be shut for good ;D

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